Travel Health

Planning a trip abroad? Let us help you prepare.

Up to 70% of travelers report some sort of health problem during or after a trip, especially those traveling to tropical locations.

When traveling outside of the U.S. it's best to be prepared before you go. Consult with our travel medicine specialists to create a travel health profile.

That way, before you leave, you can get the required and recommended immunizations*, and fill any prescription medications you may need while you’re away.

How It Works

  1. Complete the online Travel Medicine Consultation Form.
  2. In the form, select the Pavilions Pharmacy to which you’d like your recommendations to be transmitted.
  3. The pharmacy staff at the location selected will contact you within 2 business days to discuss the recommendations and to set up an appointment to receive the immunizations.

The cost of this service is $49, and you'll be charged when you complete the online form.

Please note: Allow as much time as possible before your trip, as some immunization series need to be started a few weeks or even months before travel. Age restrictions vary by state. See pharmacy for details.

Top 10 travel health tips

  1. Before you leave, get advice from a Travel Medicine Specialist.
  2. Let your body adjust once you arrive.
  3. Protect yourself from mosquito-borne illnesses.
  4. Never go barefoot, even on the beach.
  5. Make sure your water is purified.
  6. Consume only well-cooked food.
  7. Wash and peel all fruits and vegetables.
  8. Prefill any prescriptions, as they may not be available at your destination.
  9. Don’t swim in rivers, lakes and streams.
  10. Choose means of transportation carefully.

*Available immunizations vary by location and are subject to state law restrictions.


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