Earn with Apple FAQs

Earn with Apple FAQs

Earn with Apple FAQs


The Earn with Apple Watch or iPhone program allows customers who have an Apple Watch or iPhone to earn rewards by tracking their daily activity through their move, stand, and exercise rings.  Currently, the activity rings are only available through the Activity app on your Apple Watch with WatchOS 8.5 or higher on a Series 3 or newer Watch, or through the Fitness app on your iPhone on iOS 16.


To participate in the Earn with Apple Watch program, you must have an Apple Watch or iPhone and have a Sincerely Health account to opt into the program through your Albertsons Company Pavilions grocery app.

The steps to sign up include:

1.  Download your local BANNER grocery application

2.  Sign Up for Sincerely Health (by clicking on the health or pharmacy icon)

3.  Opt into the Earn with Apple Watch program (by clicking on the News & Offers promotional banner).  You will have to complete the Health Survey to access the goals function that monitors your activity and tracks the rewards earned. Good news, completing the survey gives you access to other health features in Sincerely Health.

The program will track customers activity through their Apple activity rings, which includes their Move, Stand, and Exercise rings on the Apple Watch, and the Move ring on their Apple iPhone.  Learn more about the Apple Watch activity goals here.

Customers will earn rewards for closing each ring, as captured by their Apple device. For each ring that is closed per day, customers will earn 25 healthy points, for up to 75 healthy points per day, which can be redeemed for rewards such as grocery coupons. 

Your personal data is used to customize the program for you. Your activity targets from the ring(s) are set in the Apple Activity app on the Apple Watch and the Apple Fitness app on the iPhone, and your activity levels are tracked to record your progress. Your personal data is also used to reward you with points when you close your activity rings.

If you choose to take advantage of the other health features in Sincerely Health, your personal data will be used to track your goals, manage your health journey, and for personalized communications. You can read more about our Sincerely Health app and how we secure your data here. Learn more about how we collect and use your personal data in our privacy policy.