Budget-Friendly Foods

Using your noodle trims cost!

Everybody loves pasta—and it’s a budget-pleaser, too! Pasta is a nutritious family favorite. Toss it with more expensive ingredients such as meat and seafood to make them go further. Twirl pasta into soups, casseroles and cold salads. Choose varieties with whole grains or fiber to help benefit heart health.

More Tips:

Crave beef on a budget? Purchase a flavorful pot roast—and enjoy for many meals.
This lean and economical cut of beef gets juicy-tender in the slow cooker. Buy a generous-size boneless beef chuck shoulder, arm or blade pot roast. Surround it with potatoes, carrots and onions for a thrifty family feast. Shred the rest to use in sandwiches, hash and casseroles.
Get hooked on canned salmon for a wallet-friendly source of omega-3s.
Canned salmon is an economical and convenient source of omega-3s, which help promote heart health. Canned salmon is packed with protein and is low in saturated fat. This fish is delish in chowders, patties, salads and casseroles.
Pick potatoes for pennies! Keep your eyes peeled for potatoes—you’ll like what you “C”.
Potatoes are just pennies per pound and nutritiously appealing, too. A medium potato contains 160 calories, is packed with vitamin C and potassium, and is a good source of fiber. Bake spuds for a satisfying side or add to soups, stews and casseroles.
Spend a bunch on lunch each day? Savings are in the bag when you tote your own.
The cost of buying your lunch each day adds up fast. Save money by brown bagging it even a few times a week. Pack good nutrition, too, by making sandwiches on whole-grain bread with lean meats, reduced-fatcheeses and lots of veggies. Toss in some fruit, too.