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Good nutrition isn't complicated when you have SimpleNutrition on your side.

Our SimpleNutrition program helps you shop and click your way to making better nutrition choices. It's easy to understand and use—and it's information you can count on. We developed it based on the latest published health agency guidelines.

Read on to find out how simple nutrition can be!

Shop with SimpleNutrition
Look for the green SimpleNutrition tags throughout our stores to help you shop with health in mind.

The tags highlight up to two key nutrition or ingredient benefits. Items featuring a nutrition benefit are first screened against our SimpleNutrition criteria. Items that pass the criteria are further evaluated to determine whether they qualify for a SimpleNutrition benefit tag.

Nutrition benefit tags include "Made with Whole Grains," "Sodium Smart", "Good Source of Fiber," "Low in Fat," "Good Source of Calcium" and many more. You'll also find products tagged with benefits such as "Gluten Free," "Organic" and "Natural."

Use the green tags to help you and your family meet your nutrition goals. For example, to boost whole grains or fiber in your diet, look for the "Made with Whole Grains" or "Good Source of Fiber" tags on cereals, breads, pastas and other grain-based foods. The green tags, along with the nutrition information and ingredient list that are on a product's package, are handy tools to help you find better nutrition choices.

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You're just a click away from SimpleNutrition tips and tools right here on our Web site.

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Nutrition Experts. We registered dietitians write articles, answer frequently asked questions and blog about the latest food and nutrition topics.

Recipes. Get great-tasting recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner right here.

My SimpleNutrition. This free personalized nutrition tool is coming soon!

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